Monday, March 5, 2007

Indigo Kings


I’ve been meditating on King David lately.

King of Israel or manic depressive?

I think both.

And I also think there may have been so many other men in the Bible like him. Elijah, Saul, Moses and Jonah. Maybe more.

David showed the signs of a repressed artist. It seems he was never so happy as when he was tending sheep. In between shepherding and protecting them, he explored songwriting and his skills on the lyre. He had been focusing on the meditative quality of his work with his sheep and developing his level of performance before Saul. He had had a soul mate in Jonathan, someone with which he could honestly relate.

Jonathan died. Saul, King of Israel, was his adversary. It must have been an abrupt change for him. He was pulled out of his solitude and called to be king because of those leadership and warrior-like qualities. His only outlet thereafter, after all of this change occurred to his identity, seemed to be the Psalms.

The mantle of his king-calling must have put him on edge. Not having his solitude must have compressed him. No wonder he danced naked. He just wanted to be free. No wonder he took Bathsheeba. He had been stricken with grief…someone had been taken from him. His acquaintance with despair was very real. He acted out—not able to process fully the power he held as king. He made mistakes. He succumbed to his chemistry, his broken humanity, his irreconcilable differences with truth.

Who was this David? I see him in the men around me. All kings of great callings.

- END -


sue frownfelter said...

Jessica - Sooo glad you are doing this! I will watch for additions in the future!!!

jesinrhineland said...

Thank you, Sue! As I will yours! Go girl!